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Why I Voted ‘NO’ on Fatally Flawed Gun Confiscation Bill
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Why I Voted ‘NO’ on Fatally Flawed Gun Confiscation Bill


This week, the Senate voted to advance fatally flawed legislation to the governor’s desk that would allow for the expanded confiscation of personal firearms without, in my view, appropriate due process or adherence to the Second Amendment.

Although I firmly agree with the stated intent of this legislation to protect domestic violence victims by keeping weapons out of the hands of dangerous abusers, essentially, I voted NO on House Bill 2060 because this bill makes it easier for anyone to make a false accusation against another person and that person could have their reputation destroyed and their Constitutional right to possess firearms taken away.

If signed into law, House Bill 2060 will make it mandatory—for those who are subject of a final PFA or found guilty of a crime of domestic violence—that firearms are relinquished within 24 hours to law enforcement, to an officer of the court, to a licensed firearms dealer or to a commercial armory—and not to a family member or friend as permitted under current law.

I also have major concerns about the unrealistic logistical burdens that these new mandates would impose on our local law enforcement community. Under this bill, they would have only 24 hours to serve a PFA order to collect firearms, and then they would be responsible for the indefinite storage of weapons and possibly ammunition.

In rural communities with great distances between residences, if a sheriff’s office receives multiple PFA orders in one day, they will be hard pressed to comply with the 24-hour deadline in addition to their regular duties.

Most importantly, I could not vote for House Bill 2060 because I believe that it violates Article 1, Section 21 of the Pennsylvania Constitution which clearly states: “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the state shall not be questioned.”

You can view the official roll call of how each House member voted by clicking here
October Town Hall Meeting Canceled Due to Ringgold High School Scheduling Conflict

Latest Newsletter Now Available at

Our next Town Hall Meeting, which was originally scheduled for Thursday evening, Oct. 18, has been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict at Ringgold High School.

More legislative updates and information about our upcoming Belle Vernon Town Hall Meeting can be found in my latest newsletter which is available for online viewing by clicking here.
Ensuring Upkeep of Veterans’ Graves

This week, the House unanimously approved legislation to help ensure proper upkeep of the graves of Pennsylvania veterans.

Under current law, counties are required to place a marker and a U.S. flag on the graves of all honorably discharged veterans. These U.S. flags are to remain up from Memorial Day through the Fourth of July.

However, House Bill 1471 would enhance current law to ensure cemeteries remove torn and weathered flags after the Fourth of July annually, and allow a veteran’s family member to keep them if they choose.

The legislation would also clarify current law to ensure greater communication between cemeteries, local veterans organizations and county commissioners, who are currently required to provide the flags.

The bill now moves to the state Senate for review. 
Fall in Love with PA’s Autumn Colors

Fall leaves are just about to turn across several areas in Pennsylvania, helping to boost tourism activities in many regions.

According to the Pennsylvania Tourism Office, Pennsylvania has a longer and more varied fall foliage season than any other state in the nation.

Both in-state and out-of-state visitors can find the best places to view fall foliage and track the locations of the peak colors throughout the state, beginning in late September. The weekly fall foliage report is available here.

Click here to read more about Pennsylvania’s fall tourism activities.  
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