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Cook Brings Home ‘A’ Ranking for Supporting PA Small Businesses
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Cook Brings Home ‘A’ Ranking for Supporting PA Small Businesses

This week, I was honored to be presented with my first Guardian of Small Business Award from the Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) in recognition of my strong support of small businesses throughout the 2017-18 legislative session. Pictured with me is NFIB State Legislative Director Rebecca Oyler.

If there’s one free-market concept that this award represents and that needs to be reinforced again and again, it’s that government cannot create jobs or prosperity—only job-creating employers can build that. However, state government can create the right climate for businesses of all shapes and sizes, to not only survive but thrive. That means reducing job-killing taxes, reining in restrictive regulations, and most importantly, staying out of the way of economic progress.

I am humbled to be among only 57 members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to be recognized for having a 90 percent or better pro-small business voting record. An “A” ranking indicates a state lawmaker supported small businesses in Pennsylvania when an important vote was taken during the 2017-18 legislative session that could impact small and independently owned companies. 
Save the Date for Belle Vernon Town Hall Meeting

Rep. Justin Walsh and I are inviting Belle Vernon Area School District residents and all other concerned citizens to join us for our Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, Nov. 1.

Beginning at 6 p.m., this informational forum will be held in the Belle Vernon Area High School auditorium, 425 Crest Ave., Belle Vernon.

Maximizing travel and tourism throughout the Mon Valley, regional job creation opportunities and progress reports on our latest student initiatives are just some of the featured topics we will be discussing.

As always, come on out and learn about what’s going on at the local level and throughout our state, ask questions, share ideas and leave with answers!

Interested individuals in the 49th Legislative District should register for this FREE event as soon as possible by calling my Bentleyville district office at (724) 669-2242.

We hope to see everyone there on Nov. 1, so be sure to tell your friends and neighbors! 
Bill to Boost Ambulance Services Reimbursement Unanimously Clears PA House

More fiscal relief is on the way for Pennsylvania’s emergency medical service (EMS) providers following unanimous passage of House Bill 1013, on Wednesday, which would require ambulance companies to be reimbursed for providing medical treatment, even if the patient is not transported to a hospital. The legislation now goes to the governor to be signed into law.

Under current law, EMS agencies can only be reimbursed by insurance companies if they transport the patient, even though time is spent, supplies are used and services are provided regardless of whether a transport takes place. This is a significant contributor to the financial challenges facing our local ambulance companies.

House Bill 1013 would allow for reimbursement when transport does not take place as long as the following conditions are met: The Basic Life Support (BLS) or Advanced Life Support (ALS) unit must be dispatched by a county 911 center, and the EMS provider must have rendered emergency services even though the transport was declined.

This is a very critical issue for volunteer ambulance companies operating throughout the 49th Legislative District, and I was happy to support the bill’s final passage.

The governor has 10 days in which to take action on the bill. 
Prescription Drug Coverage Expansion to Cover 17,000 More Seniors

Legislation to expand eligibility for the state’s PACENET prescription drug coverage program passed the House last week and is now on the way to the governor’s desk. Up to 17,000 Pennsylvania seniors are expected to benefit from this expansion.

House Bill 270 would increase the annual maximum income limits in the PACENET program to $27,500 for a single person and to $35,500 for a married couple. Current maximum income requirements for the PACENET program, which covers those individuals with incomes exceeding PACE maximums, are $23,500 for a single individual and $31,500 for a married couple annually.

Additionally, the bill would allow two new pharmacy-based programs to be developed under the PACE program to assist seniors in monitoring their prescription drug usage.

This eligibility expansion would be the first since 2004, and it is funded by proceeds from the Pennsylvania Lottery. 
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