Southwest Pennsylvania, especially the 49th District, is a great place to raise a family, work and enjoy a high quality of life. Our greatest asset is our community that feels like a tight-knit family. On top of that, we have the Mon Valley Hospital, California University and Monongahela River. The people who live in the 49th District are what make this place so special. In today’s world, you can work from almost anywhere, so why wouldn’t you want to live, work and raise your family right here?

We have nine school districts in the 49th District, and there is a trout stream in every one of them. There are 19 sportsman/outdoor clubs that are extremely popular among residents. Every town has a local park, and many have multiple outdoor facilities. We’ve even begun the process to create biking and walking trails throughout the district.

Not only is our present and future great, but we have a rich history. The Whiskey Rebellion started right here in 1794. During that time, the U.S. government decided to raise money for the national debt by creating a liquor tax. Distilleries refused to pay and attacked federal revenue officers who attempted to collect.

There are many things we do not have in Southwestern PA; however, we need to embrace the things we do have that make us unique. Those assets are what will draw families and businesses to our great area. It is my mission to lead our district in taking three actions: identifying our local assets, attractions and activities; creating action plans by county officials; and working as a community to promote Southwestern PA’s five-county area as a destination for tourists. A single community may not offer much, but as a district, we have a lot to be proud of that would label us a destination.

The Speers/Belle Vernon Bridge is the heart of the 49th District, which includes parts of Fayette and Washington counties. But also connected are the counties of Westmoreland, Allegheny and Greene. These five counties make up Southwestern Pennsylvania and I want to lead the charge in getting us all to work together in making our area the place to be in PA.

I am committed to “putting progress ahead of politics” and encouraging leaders and constituents in my area to do the same. When working toward one goal, it is important to work together across geographic lines AND party lines – and that goal is attracting businesses and families to our area. After all, why not here?

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