Cook's Mon-Valley Update (7-1-19)

State Rep. Bud Cook gives his Mon-Valley Update and in this video, he invites constituents to an LSA, or Local Share Account informational tour.

Mon Valley Moment Update (6-21-19)

State Rep. Bud Cook gives constituents an update for the 49th district. In this update, Rep. Cook explains the details about a requested audit of the LSA Grant Program by the Auditor General.

Cook Questions State's Tourism And Marketing Plan

During the June 4th, 2019 House Tourism and Recreational Development Committee, Pa. State Rep. Bud Cook inquires about co-op dollars and cross-marketing within the Commonwealth of PA.

Cook At Travel And Tourism Committee

Pa. Rep. State Rep. Bud Cook poses questions to a testifier at the April 17, Travel and Tourism Committee meeting.

Cook Speaks At Human Services/Tourism/Recreational Development

Pa State Rep. Bud Cook questions a testifier during the April 10th, 2019 Human Services & Travel/Tourism/Recreational Development Committee meeting about how people of disability can travel much easier.

Cook Comments On Fishing At Schools

Pa. State Rep. Bud Cook questions a testifier about teaching in the class room opportunities and courses about fishing to entice young people into the sport.

Rep Cook Interviews Madison Willson At Farm Show

Pa. State Rep. Bud Cook interviews Madison Willson at Pennsylvania's 103rd Farm Show. Willson is a student who loves farming and animals and aspires to own her own farm someday.

Belle Vernon Mayor Visits Farm Show

Pa. State Rep. Bud Cook takes time out with Gerald Jackson, Mayor of Belle Vernon, Pa who is visiting the Farm Show. Mayor Vernon describes the advantages of buying Preferred Pa. food products.

Interview with Ag Secretary Redding

PA State Rep. Bud Cook discusses issues related to the farming and agribusiness industries with Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding at the 2019 Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Cook Interview With Amy Manko At 103rd Farm Show

Pa. State Rep. Bud Cook interviews Amy Manko, owner of the Ross Farm, which raises sheep for wool and preservation breeding stock.