Documentation for viewing:

1.   Local Share Accounts: The Facts
a.   What are they and why should you care?
b.   Where do the funds come from?
c.   What is the Washington County grant process?
2.   What is LSA?
3.   Right To Know Requests

a.   Right To Know Request #1, June 2019
b.   Right To Know Request #2, October 2019
c.   Right To Know Request #3, November 2019
d.   Right To Know Request #4, December 2019
e.   Right To Know Request #5, December 2020
f.   Right To Know Request #6, September 2021
g.   Right To Know Request #7, September 2021
4.   Correspondence and Supporting Documentation

a.      Washington County LSA Program Guidelines
b.      Washington County LSA Application Information
c.      Washington County Commissioners Contact Cook, January 2017
d.      Cook Contacts Auditor General, April 2019
e.      Auditor General Responds to Cook, May 2019
f.      Cook Contacts Auditor General, November 2019
g.      Washington County Commissioners Respond to Cook, January 2020
h.      Cook Contacts Washington County Commissioners, November 2020
i.      Cook Contacts Washington County Commissioners, January 2021
j.      Cook Contacts Attorney General, April 2023
5.   Audits and Ledgers

a.   Contract Financial Statements, 2009-2014
b.   Contract Financial Statements, 2010-2015
c.   Contract Financial Statements, 2011-2016
d.   Contract Financial Statements, 2012-2017
e.   Contract Financial Statements, 2013-2018
f.   Contract Financial Statements, 2014-2019
g.   Washington County Marketing Initiative Ledger, 2007-2019
h.   General Ledger, 2007-2020
6.   Legal Fees Paid
a.   First Legal Counsel Invoices
b.   Second Legal Counsel Invoices
c.   Third Legal Counsel Invoices