Cook Sends Open Letter to Gov. Wolf
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Cook Sends Open Letter
to Gov. Wolf
Representative Bud Cook sent the following open letter to
Gov. Tom Wolf today:

Dear Governor Wolf,

As the state representative of the 49th District in Fayette and Washington counties (The Mon Valley), I am writing to request what your plan is to ensure that the citizens of Pennsylvania can get back to work and the economy can get roaring again? Regardless if it’s two days, two weeks or two months, I encourage you to share your plan with the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to give them comfort, hope and the light at the end of the tunnel during these trying times, and to show them that our state will bounce back! I believe in the ability of “we the people” to get the job done, faster, cheaper and more efficiently than government could ever get it done.

The citizens of this Commonwealth, the people who elected us, our bosses, have done an amazing job following your lead during the early weeks of this challenge that we are currently experiencing.

As you know, this COVID-19 crisis has caused many setbacks, but I believe by devising steps to continue safely fighting the virus, and by maintaining open communication as a state, we will overcome this challenge. Daily my staff, me and others deal with people who are struggling to get promised unemployment claims filed, small business support and many other bridge programs to assist them through this period. The most frustrating task for me is fielding the calls that virtually beg for you and your administration to simply let our people get back to work. Our car dealers, contractors, laborers (just to name a few) want to get back to work! And they believe that they can do it safely if just given the opportunity. My colleague, fellow Rep. Ryan Warner, put it succinctly in his letter to you – businesses with 10 or fewer employees should be afforded the opportunity to return to work, depending on their services. This selective picking of waivers is not fair, not transparent and not accountable. I am still awaiting the list of those that have applied and those granted.

During this challenge, we will continue to facilitate and support our constituents’ efforts to obtain unemployment compensation and other support programs. We will also continue to facilitate and support our small and large businesses to bridge the current financial gap!

For our next challenge, we need a plan now, Governor; One for the economic recovery of the Commonwealth. While you currently have the support of the citizens of the Commonwealth, I will share with you the frustration level is raising daily. It is my belief that when “we the people” have most of the facts, have a plan and are provided the resources, then we will not only get the job done, but will get it done safely and faster than government could ever accomplish it.

So, Governor, please show us a plan. Then unleash and engage the power of free enterprise and the power of “we the people” to get our economy rolling again!

I believe now is the time to start putting a plan together for our next challenge and embrace the creation of a task force! Thank you for your commitment and collaboration on this important issue. Your prompt attention to this matter is appreciated for the betterment of our community.


49th Legislative District
Bud Cook
State Representative
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