Sep. 17, 2020

HARRISBURG – Rep. Bud Cook (R-Washington/Fayette) issued the following statement regarding the U.S. District Court ruling that actions taken by the Wolf Administration relating to business closures were unconstitutional:

“While we applaud and agree with the federal court ruling that Gov. Wolf’s actions have been unconstitutional, we are also concerned about our local school districts. The question of how many attendees can attend indoor and outdoor activities remains in place. The real effect of the ruling eliminated the numeric capacity overreach of the Wolf Administration’s actions. I believe that our local school boards will responsibly address this; however, there is little reasonable guidance under the ruling. With the governor intending to appeal the ruling and seek a stay of his orders, a void of guidance will continue to exist.

“It is our recommendation that the governor should immediately provide reasonable, consistent and logical guidance on how to proceed under this new ruling. Most importantly, we want to strongly urge the governor to let local officials and school boards make their own decisions and plans for their students. I have the utmost faith that our schools can safely resume sports with attendees.

“The continued tactic of the ‘sky-is-falling’ leadership must stop and be replaced with an interest in seeking the opinions of all leaders who were elected to serve and represent the citizens of the Commonwealth. The longer Gov. Wolf rules on his own whims, the longer the confidence in his leadership will fall. He must have faith in ‘We the People’ to take the right actions!”

Representative Bud Cook
49th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Michelle Swab
717.260.6325 /