Jun. 20, 2023

HARRISBURG – State Rep. Bud Cook (R-Greene/Fayette) announced today the distribution of more than $28.5 million in natural gas impact fees to counties and municipalities in the 50th Legislative District.

“Our natural gas industry does so much for our communities, providing good-paying careers and supporting our growing energy needs,” Cook said. “The impact fees natural gas drillers pay to our communities and to the Commonwealth only enhance the value of this vital industry, especially in rural communities like those I serve.”

According to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC), which is charged with collecting and distributing impact fees, natural gas producers paid nearly $279 million in 2022, an increase of about $44 million, or 19%, over the prior year. Since the law was enacted in 2012, more than $2.5 billion has been collected.

The following disbursements are being made in the 50th Legislative District this year: 
Greene County will receive $6.49 million and Greene County municipalities will receive $11.1 million.
Washington County will receive $9 million and Washington County municipalities in the 50th District will receive $1.88 million. 

Under Act 13 of 2012, impact fees are collected from the drilling companies with 60% returned to counties and municipalities affected by drilling. The rest of the money goes into a Marcellus Shale Legacy Fund, a portion of which is provided to counties. The remaining funds are used by the state for emergency response planning, training and other activities; water, storm water, and sewer system construction and repair; infrastructure maintenance and repair; as well as statewide environmental initiatives.

To view detailed reports of the funding distribution, visit www.PUC.pa.gov

Representative Bud Cook
50th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives