Redd Up Fayette, Washington and Westmoreland Counties with Cook

Apr. 26, 2021 /

WASHINGTON COUNTY – Rep. Bud Cook (R-Washington/Fayette) invites you to join his Great American Redd Up event this Friday, April 30, at 9 a.m. The Speers/Belle Vernon Bridge on Interstate 70 is the doorway to three counties – Fayette, Washington and Westmoreland – and needs to send a warm welcome.

CFA Grant Awarded to Washington County

Apr. 21, 2021 /

WASHINGTON COUNTY – Rep. Bud Cook (R-Fayette/Washington) announced that a $485,000 Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) grant was awarded to Guttman Realty Company. The grant will be used to improve facility modifications for water disposal.

Cook Names New Harrisburg Secretary

Jan. 06, 2021 /

Cook Names New Harrisburg Secretary

HARRISBURG – Rep. Bud Cook (R-Fayette/Washington) has welcomed a new face to his team committed to serving constituents in the 49th Legislative District.

Cook Supports Filing of Amicus Brief

Dec. 11, 2020 /

HARRISBURG – Rep. Bud Cook (R-Fayette/Washington) has joined in support with 69 other members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in filing an amicus brief in the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Texas v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, State of Georgia, State of Michigan and State of Wisconsin.

Cook Files Right-to-Know Request

Dec. 10, 2020 /

HARRISBURG – Rep. Bud Cook (R-Washington/Fayette) continues to seek full transparency from the Redevelopment Authority of Washington County in regard to Local Share Account (LSA) distribution. Cook is filing his fifth Right-to-Know (RTK) request with the Redevelopment Authority since efforts first began in March 2017.

Cook Applauds Judge Emery’s LSA Ruling

Nov. 20, 2020 /

HARRISBURG – Rep. Bud Cook (R-Washington/Fayette) has won a four-year pursuit to assure that Local Share Account (LSA) procedures in Washington County are fair, accountable and transparent. Judge Katherine Emery has ruled that the Redevelopment Authority must provide records of 433 projects funded by the LSA of casino gambling. Cook issued the following statement:

Cook Introduces Truth in Hiring Legislation

Oct. 13, 2020 /

HARRISBURG – State Rep. Bud Cook (R-Washington/Fayette) is seeking to end a practice used by Republican and Democratic governors that hides the true cost of their administration. The Truth in Hiring Act (House Bill 2913) aims to add transparency to Pennsylvania’s leadership.

Cook Stands Up to Liquor Control Board

Oct. 08, 2020 /

HARRISBURG – Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Gov. Wolf and his administration have made political decisions, claiming that they were made with the best interest of the public’s health in mind. State Rep. Bud Cook (R-Washington/Fayette) issued the following statement about the latest abuse of power:

Cook Outraged by Gathering Limits

Oct. 06, 2020 /

HARRISBURG – After U.S. District Judge Williams Stickman IV ruled Gov. Wolf’s gathering limits unconstitutional, a 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals allowed them to be put back into place. Gov. Wolf has since updated his gathering limit criteria, but it is still far from constitutional. Rep. Cook (R-Washington/Fayette) is outraged.